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Job Title Job Location Close Date
Engineer, Electrical I - Senior Engineer, Electrical Tengiz 05/10/2018
Information Management Coordinator Atyrau 03/10/2018
Accountant Atyrau 27/09/2018
Analyst Tengiz 27/09/2018
Finance Marketing and Transportation Support group (FMTS) Manager Atyrau 27/09/2018
Logistic Specialist Tengiz 25/09/2018
HR Staff analyst Atyrau 25/09/2018
ENV Data Base analyst Tengiz 25/09/2018
Equipment Coordinator Tengiz 25/09/2018
Unit Operator, Utilities Tengiz 30/09/2018
Power Generation Operator Tengiz 30/09/2018
Unit Operator Tengiz 30/09/2018
Fitter Repairman, Rotating Equipment Tengiz 30/09/2018
Fitter Repairman, Fixed Equipment Tengiz 30/09/2018
Electrician, Electrical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Tengiz 30/09/2018
Supply Specialist-I - Lead Supply Specialist Tengiz 25/09/2018

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